I hate when people make these bios and act like they didn’t write it……. So here we go.  I figured out I loved music at a very young age, I was always dancing, playing instruments, and  most of all just annoying my parents.  Luckily my dad owned a record store and embraced the love of music, as did my mom. I started preforming choreography in high school with a dance team and progressed very quickly, to the point I started teaching in my hometown. Soon after I got into mixing music because I felt the poor mixing of music in a dance routine would make you lose interest. Thats where it started and I’ve been hooked since. Mixing became a hobby that quickly took over most of my free time. I also got into making video mixes for my friends using Premier Pro and After Effects.

Soon after turning 20 I started at 98.5 KissFM as an intern in hopes I would find a DJ gig somewhere if not on the radio.    A couple months after I turned 21 I found that job at a place called Sully’s in Peoria IL. Its been nonstop since then. Ive been a resident at the best bars/nightclubs in Peoria and Bloomington. I also won the 115 Bourbon St Dj Battle in Chicago. I live in Galesburg with my Wife and 3 little girls, and we run a wedding/private party venue with my parents called Visions Venue. I couldn’t be happier working with my family and doing what I love. Right now you can catch me on Power92.3 on Thursday mornings doing an OldSkool mix show, and I'm also on Flood93 a new online radio station that I do a monthly Old School Mix. Download the app today.